When bright girls decide that math is a waste of time

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When Bright Girls Decide Math Is a ‘Waste of Time' Essay

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Jul 06,  · Susan Jacoby’s essay “When Bright Girls Decide That Math is “a Waste of Time”, is about how girls do not like to math and think that that it is not useful.

Jacoby writes that girls do not like math or science because if the seem smart they will be unattractive to boys. The Fatal Tree (Bright Empires) [Stephen Lawhead] on cheri197.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Analysis of Susan Jacoby – When Bright Girls Decide Math is a Waste of Time

“Is this it?” It started with small. In my opinion of the essay, I think that girls are stereotyping subjects like math and science to be a masculine subject. This causes them to go towards other subjects like English and other subjects.

Analysis of Susan Jacoby – When Bright Girls Decide Math is a Waste of Time

Usually, girls develop this stereotype is during adolescents and parents need to encourage them and make them take the math and science.

When bright girls decide that math is a waste of time
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