The delegation of bahrain and the issues surrounding the international court of justice

In hearing statements from plaintiffs and defendants who do not know the Arabic language, the courts shall use a translator who has taken an official oath to state the truth.

The fact remains that the French—US 59 and Italy—US 60 air service agreements instituted arbitral tribunals entrusted with rendering advisory opinions. This issue provides an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to explore the evolution of the various intersections between refugee and migration law, on one hand, and international humanitarian and criminal law, on the other.

The Convention provides that upon a written request addressed to the President by at least one-fourth of the members of the Authority for an advisory opinion on the conformity with the Convention of a proposal before the Assembly on any matter, the Assembly shall request the Seabed Disputes Chamber of the ITLOS to give an advisory opinion thereon.

General Debate of the seventy-third session of the United Nations General Assembly

Institutions and Procedures OUP Article - 7 - In compliance with the regulations of this law, the head of the Department of Justice shall assume management of the judiciary. The verdict of censure shall be entered into the judge's file and shall not be published in the official newspaper.

Article - 4 - Court sessions are public, unless the court decides to close them in compliance with the general [legal] system or public mores. See also ibid 6, paras 52— It shall issue its decisions and recommendations through a majority of votes of those in attendance.

The end of the contract or the loan period shall be before the end of the period by a decision of the Supreme Judicial Council. It is for this reason that the jurisdiction clause is oddly introduced in the Rules. The ability to render an advisory opinion without taking a stance on a pending issue between two or more parties would be ideal.

Special Issues

End of contract period for those working on a contract basis, or the loan period of those loaned out [to different courts]. A request for an advisory opinion on legal questions arising within the scope of activities of the Assembly or the Council of the Authority shall contain a precise statement of the question.

Article 58 The appointing of the prosecutor general and other members of the prosecution is done by royal decree based on the recommendation of the Supreme Judicial Council, and promotion to the higher positions in the prosecution is done by appointment from the positions preceding them directly.

Through a series of broad consultations with key stakeholders in the transitional process, including members of government, civil society, academia, and the diplomatic community, the delegation sought to understand the challenges and priorities surrounding the achievement of justice and accountability in the country.

International and Comparative Law Essay Examples

They shall also be informed of the evaluation report. Article 33 It is unlawful for the judge to be absent from his place of work before informing the chairman of the court, or to suddenly stop working for any other reason, before being given written permission to do so from the Supreme Judicial Council.

The imprisonment of judges and the implementation of freedom-restricting sanctions shall be conducted in places separate from those of other prisoners. General Law[ edit ] Article 49 The prosecution is one of the integral branches of the judicial authority, and shall exercise the jurisdictions legally assigned to it.

Different applications or interpretations of that Article have become one of the main sources of maritime disputes between States, in particular as far as the test of habitation or economic viability is concerned.

In case of objection to the written counseling, the judge may request during the fifteen days following his notification of counseling for the Supreme Judicial Council to conduct an investigation into the incident which was the cause for counseling.

On the contrary, even the decisions of the ICJ have no binding force except between the parties and in respect of the particular case at hand. The advisory procedure is open when an international agreement 74 related to the purposes of the Convention makes provisions for such.

Article - 9 - The civil judiciary courts have the jurisdiction to settle all civil and commercial cases, disputes related to the personal affairs of non-muslims, and all crimes, save for anything exempted by a special clause. Article 41 The verdict issued by the disciplinary council must include the grounds upon which it was based, and these reasons must be read aloud in a closed session.

Other multilateral instruments also provide for the submission of applications to the Tribunal, covering varied areas. In both such cases, it will be thus recorded in a special note for the case file. Prison Conditions The delegation acknowledged the poor condition of prisons in The Gambia and stated that the prisons had been made open to international visitors.

The proposal whose conformity with the Convention is to be reviewed and the legal question to be submitted should be within reach.

Article 73 The Supreme Judicial Council shall have a General Secretariat, the formation and activities of which are organized by a decision issued from the Chairman of the Council. Article 3 The Council Chairman shall preside over the presentation of the issues at hand, accompanied by the statements and documents necessary to enable the Council to act on them.

Alongside the advisory opinions that the Assembly or the Council of the Authority may request under the UNCLOS, there are other advisory opinions based on other international agreements and which rather concern the full Court.

In this spirit, it is very much understandable that parties to the Convention sign an international agreement related to the purposes thereof and which specifically provides for the request of advisory opinion of the Tribunal.

Liberia Takes Small Step Toward Justice for War Crimes

Delegation and Loaning of Judges[ edit ] Article 14 It is lawful to loan or delegate judges to work in government departments, or public establishments and institutions, or companies with a participating stake in state capital, or with foreign governments or international institutions, per a decision from the Supreme Judicial Council.

Selected Essays Martinus Nijhoffn 4. In the event of a tie of votes, the side of the Chairman shall prevail.(It seems ironical, today, that it was Venezuela who proposed the UN Secretary General for this task).

Bahrain: Stop Military Court Travesty of Justice

To implement the peaceful settlement by the judicial process, the International Court of Justice was established by the Charter of the United Nations as the principal judicial organ of the United Nations to function under an independent Statute.

The programme provides a comprehensive overview of international crimes, criminal responsibility, immunities and amnesties and practical matters surrounding ICL, such as victim participation and defence issues. The special military court, the Court of National Safety, on June 12,held initial sessions in politically motivated cases against opposition members of parliament and a prominent defense lawyer without notifying lawyers or family, and sentenced a young writer to a year in prison.

Ongoing research, consultation, and workshops focusing on such issues as a comparative analysis of transitional justice in several nations, compensation of victims, the use of non-criminal sanctions to deal with past abuses, and the relationships between truth commissions, international tribunals, national trials, and amnesty programs.

Special Issues New Special Issue. The International Criminal Court's Policies and Strategies. Fifteen years after the Rome Statute came.

BCHR strongly urges the state delegation to not dismiss the reports of international accredited human rights organisation that relate to the condition of children in Bahrain – regardless of the political climate which Bahrain finds itself in.

The delegation of bahrain and the issues surrounding the international court of justice
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