Child care philosophy

We believe that all children are different and unique; our environment accepts and encourages children to express their full potential in all aspects of their development. I am such a person and will always strive to be the best educator that I can be. Because of this, I will never forget how to smile with the new, cherish the old, and laugh with the children.

When the child shows that he or she is ready to demonstrate acceptable behavior, they are encouraged to join the rest of the group to try again. This technique is only used when a child repeatably will not follow our directions or listen to our words, is exhibiting temper tantrum type behavior, or hurting ones self, others or equipment.

If the problems cannot be resolved, arrangements will have to be made for the child to go elsewhere for care.


Within my role in the early childhood education sector and my service - I aim to be forever passionate, patient, caring, fair, fun and educated. The family can Child care philosophy found at anytime playing hockey, swimming, hiking or just enjoying the moment!

It helps to lift self esteem in a fun environment. We believe that the discipline of a child is achieved through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Because of this, we are committed to creating a strong bond with you and your child, helping to ensure the best start to your child's life.

First children need to believe in themselves, have healthy self esteem and confidence as the platform for all dimensions of the healthy whole child to be successful.

Knowledge is not given to children; they learn through playful and meaningful interactions with materials and people. We understand that you are trusting us to care for your child, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Child to staff ratios are low, which ensures your child will receive individual attention each day. Give them a sense of pride In showing children how to become responsible for themselves as well as their own learning, I am giving them the tools to become successful in life, to believe in themselves, and to love themselves.

I will present curriculum that involves the interests of the children and makes learning relevant to life. We value the interaction between the individual and environment, seeing it as the basis for more complex learning and growth.

We respect and believe in each child as a unique individual with the ability to construct knowledge about themselves, others, and the world around them through active learning. I believe that the cost families pay to have their children in our service deserves our best and nothing less than that.

Evergreen Child Development Center

She is a loving mother of three amazing boys who moved to the Bow Valley in the fall of ! I have a vision of a world where people learn to respect, accept, and embrace the differences between us, as the core of what makes life so fascinating.

One of the influential ways positive reinforcement is used is during activities such as circle-time, reading, and etc. Teach them well and let them lead the way Children come to own newfound understanding and knowledge when it is integrated into their daily experiences and existing paradigms in active and meaningful ways.

We are committed to lower child-to-teacher ratios and smaller class sizes to enable teachers to: We look forward to the opportunity to care for your child, while providing a positive influence in their life.Program Philosophy and Admissions Philosophy.

Philosophy Statement and Values

VCFC programs reflect the research-based understanding that play is essential to children’s health and well-being, and foundational to children’s learning. VCFC supports children in creating their own knowledge through hands-on experiences and child-initiated play.

About Us: Quality Child Care in a Home-Like Setting

Philosophy Our Philosophy "Kind Hearts, and Gentle Hands". If we would want children to learn one thing while in our care, it's what it means to be nice and kind to one another; having empathy, learning to say sorry, share, and give a hugs. Explore Geezlouise's board "Child Care Philosophy" on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Child care, Indoor play and Inspiration quotes. We believe that quality child care facilitates the healthy growth and development of the ‘whole’ child.

Child and Family Center

Philosophy Statement. CHILD FIRST AND FOREMOST. We believe that quality child care facilitates the healthy growth and development of the ‘whole’ child. We believe that all children are different and unique; our environment accepts and.

My child care philosophy is, the belief that helping children to grow into productive citizens, friends, neighbors and future parents themselves is the most important and rewarding job there is.

Knowing that each child is a unique person and helping them to discover their full potential in every area of development is the task at hand. Our CHILD CARE Philosophy Sunny Pointe Child Care provides a quality child care experience in a comfortable, familiar, home-like setting.

Our program reflects the belief that learning takes place primarily through exploratory activities and discovery.

Child care philosophy
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